Hotel Rancho Tesoro Isla de La Juventud Cuba

Isla de La Juventud Cuba Hotel Rancho Tesoro

The Rancho El Tesoro Villa is located in a tranquil setting, and it is harmonically linked to the surrounding picturesque landscape. The accommodation is popular among anglers, but it’s definitely a nice option for visitors on their way to the International Diving Center El Colony in the west and right next to the city of Nueva Gerona.

Adorned with fake ramparts like a colonial fortification and painted in a strange red hue, Rancho El Tesoro looks more like a castle than a Hotel. Actually it was a popular of chateau in the 1950s. In the midst of a rich and abundant nature, in a quiet serene setting, a North American had constructed its holiday home in the vicinity of the River Las Casas. The rooms arranged for relatives and lodgers, now host international tourism, although on a relatively small scale.

Isla de La Juventud Rancho Tesoro Cuba Hotel

Book a night in this hotel after your arrival at the airport of Nueva Gerona and explore other sites of the undiscovered Isle of Youth. The north- eastern beach “Playa Bibijagua” is known for its black volcanic sand. The former prison (Presidio Modelo), to where the attackers of Moncada barracks (1953) were sent, is now a national monument. Similarly, La Finca El Abra, where the young José Martí was confined is now a Cuban memorial museum. Rancho el Tesoro is a quaint accommodation with onsite facilities such as a bar, restaurant and lobby.

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